Building Home Climbing Wall

Home Climbing Wall

I’ve always like the idea of having a home climbing/bouldering wall and since we got this place i always said that an old bar nook would be a good place for one. I took the old bar out not long after we moved in when i built the new one and the nook has just been a junk storage place since.

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Bar Build

When we moved into our new house we did have a 70’s style built in bar but it was in a bit of a corner and not really in a particularly “appealing style”.

I decided to build a bar myself rather than trying to find an off the shelf style that fitted the room and our budget. I did watch a YouTube video to get a design idea but didn’t really like it so just decided to go ahead and design and build from scratch.

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Gravel Bike and Good Friday Crucifix

It has been a while but it has been a busy few months moving into our new house. We’re pretty much settled in now, just waiting on the dining chairs to arrive! Other than that I have been keeping up with the cycling when I can.

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Perth Holiday

It is still quite strange flying for 4 hours across 3 time zones and still being in the same country but it does make you realise how vast Australia is. We’d booked a brief trip to Perth at least 6 months ago to meet up with one of Michelle’s Australian friends she’d met in London who was back home, in Perth, for Christmas. This was all booked before we’d even started looking to buy a house so it has ended up breaking up Christmas and the proper move in to our new place.

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Harrietville Cycling (Victorian Alps)

View from Tawonga Gap
View from Tawonga Gap

Last weekend i was lucky enough to be invited to go on a cycling trip to the Victorian Alps staying in the small village of Harrietville down the road from the larger town of Bright.

The trip was organised by one of the guys who I’ve met through Croydon Cycleworks and they have been going for a few years now. We stay in a large house that has had bunk beds put in all the rooms and use that as a base for a few days of riding.

This was my first chance to try some of the climbs in the 7 Peaks challenge. The aim to to ride 7 specific climbs in Victoria during the summer season, this is something i hope to complete this season if i can.

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Alternative Cycling Climbs on Mt Dandenong

Mast Gully Road
Mast Gully Road

In a previous entry i have written about the main climbs on Mount Dandenong, – our local hill which is very popular amounts cyclists being the highest point in the metropolitan Melbourne area. As we are lucky enough to live so close that means that i get the opportunity to explore the other routes up, these alternatives are mostly from the Fern Tree Gully side and a bit more out of the way. Similar to my previous post i will just give a brief description and link to the Strava segment for each of these.

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Around the Bay 2018

Around the Bay Strava map
Around the Bay Strava

The Around the Bay in a day cycle ride is an annual ride around the Melbourne bay now in its 26th year. Since i first visited Michelle’s family over here it has always been mentioned as i ride i should do, so was on the bucket list from the moment i arrived. Almost as soon as i got a bike here i booked a place on the 210km Anti-Clockwise loop.

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Gold Coast Trip

This week we headed up to the Gold Coast for the wedding of one of Michelle’s friends, and also stayed on afterwards to enjoy a bit of winter sun. We started at the resort the wedding was being held at before heading over to South Stradbroke Island and finally back to stay in Surfers Paradise for a few nights,

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