Inverloch and Baw Baw

Following a 5 day lockdown in Victoria that meant we had to cancel the second half of our Lakes Entrance holiday we managed to move the dates to last week. I also had a pre-planned cycle ride from Noojee up Baw Baw climb so we combined both with Michelle picking me up from Noojee and then we continued down to the coastal town of Inverloch.

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Lakes Entrance (I jinxed it)

So i think i may have jinxed this in my previous A bit of An Update post when mentioning things Conona wise were going well in Australia/Victoria….we’re now in a 5 day “circuit breaker” lockdown limited to going out of essentials and 2hrs of exercise within 5km of home. Unfortunately it meant we had to cut our holiday short, we were on a boat trip in the lakes around Lakes Entrance when we found out about the statewide lockdown.

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Bar Build

When we moved into our new house we did have a 70’s style built in bar but it was in a bit of a corner and not really in a particularly “appealing style”.

I decided to build a bar myself rather than trying to find an off the shelf style that fitted the room and our budget. I did watch a YouTube video to get a design idea but didn’t really like it so just decided to go ahead and design and build from scratch.

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Perth Holiday

It is still quite strange flying for 4 hours across 3 time zones and still being in the same country but it does make you realise how vast Australia is. We’d booked a brief trip to Perth at least 6 months ago to meet up with one of Michelle’s Australian friends she’d met in London who was back home, in Perth, for Christmas. This was all booked before we’d even started looking to buy a house so it has ended up breaking up Christmas and the proper move in to our new place.

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Lee Valley Velo Park

Having never been to the London Olympic Park Velo park before I have no had the pleasure of visiting twice in the last 2 weeks. Last night I went to day 2 of the London Six Day event in the velodrome itself and last week my friend and I did an hour session around the flood lit road track on the park.
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Hi, so my wife and I have decided to start a little blog. I thought I’d write up details of my walk across the Haute Route in the Swiss Alps in July to help others in the future as it was hard to find much information. Once I  I mentioned this my wife suggested that we have a joint blog where she can add details of travels, fitness training and lifestyle stuff too.

So here is the first post…I will follow up with my Haute Route experience over the next few weeks.

Richard & Michelle