Loch Trip

Gippsland Hills

The final part of our postponed Gippsland road trip was to a small town called Loch. We were finally able to stay there last weekend just for one night but it was all that was really needed.

Loch Accommodation

We stayed in a small Air b’n’b 2 bedroom cottage on just off the main street, it was 1900 cottage so old by Aussie standards and a bit drafty in places. It was really nice and quaint with a lot of older fixtures and fittings but done up nicely with wall heaters and no outside walk to the toilet and bathroom which were in a small extension on the back.

The town is very small with most things only open from breakfast to mid afternoon and even then only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the people passing through.

Loch Brewery and Distillery

After a nice lunch in the sun we headed to the brewery and distillery to sample their beers and also a few whiskeys. Unfortunately Michelle decided she liked the slightly peaty whiskey they recently released once it was watered down a it – i am slightly worried for by bar whiskeys at home now!

Gippsland Wine Company winery

The next stop was the Gippsland Wine Company where we got to sit out on the afternoon sun overlooking the Shiraz vines sampling their wines with a nice glass of our favourite and some cheese and biscuits. After the afternoon of drinking we walked back through the town, where everything was now closed! Michelle decided to lean back on a huge wasp so it gave her a bit of a sting but i think the booze probably meant it hurt less! That evening we headed to the only restaurant that was conveniently next door for a nice pizza and few more glasses of wine for dinner!

The Sunday morning was another lovely day so we walked under the main road to the Loch suspension bridge which was built over a small gorge in 2000 to a rec which had WWII memorial trees planted around. We enjoyed the sun and the views of the fields before heading back for some lunch and the the drive back home.

Overall Loch is a lovely small town, there isn’t much more than we did to do there but it is worth a stop over for a night and we could even pop down there from home as it is only just over an hour away. If we need to try and stock up on some more whiskeys we’ll pop back and ask Michelle to drive me home!

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