Bar Build

When we moved into our new house we did have a 70’s style built in bar but it was in a bit of a corner and not really in a particularly “appealing style”.

I decided to build a bar myself rather than trying to find an off the shelf style that fitted the room and our budget. I did watch a YouTube video to get a design idea but didn’t really like it so just decided to go ahead and design and build from scratch.

This is the combined video of the whole build from start to end.

I started by building the main frame in the workshop, the next stage was adding the supports from the bench top, base and shelves around the sizes of the fridge we already had. The next step was the backing boards for the inside of the shelves then cutting out all the strips for the outside.

After priming all the exposed wood i took the structure apart and moved into the house where it was going to end up. There i put it together permanently gluing and adding more screws and nailing the outside strips in place.

The next step was to stain the outside and then cut and fit the worktops. Unfortunately Bunnings didn’t stopped doing the larger size worktops i had planned on so i had to cut an ‘L’ shape and use dowels to put 2 bits together. Once the benchtop was fully in place the final backing board between the benchtop and the bar top was put in place and i painted the whole thing.

The final steps were use decorators chalk round the edges, wax the bench and bar top then add an extra metal bracket on the inside to support the bar top.

Now it is all done and i can enjoy a beer at it! A lifetime goal achieved – bar in own home 🙂

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