Lakes Entrance (I jinxed it)

So i think i may have jinxed this in my previous A bit of An Update post when mentioning things Conona wise were going well in Australia/Victoria….we’re now in a 5 day “circuit breaker” lockdown limited to going out of essentials and 2hrs of exercise within 5km of home. Unfortunately it meant we had to cut our holiday short, we were on a boat trip in the lakes around Lakes Entrance when we found out about the statewide lockdown.

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Telescope and Michelle Boot Camp

For Christmas Michelle got me a great unexpected gift of a telescope! It is a 76mm (3in) reflector (starter) telescope which came with a few basic Huygens lenses, I had a recommendation to get a new Plossl lens which is a much higher quality and made a huge improvement. I’ve also got a phone mount to mount my phone camera on each lens which gets some great shots. The important thing is to use the remote shutter to avoid the whole scope moving when pressing the shutter.

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Dirty Donna Gravel Ride

I had a few days off this week so like a completely normal person I decided to go for a long cycle ride! I have had the gravel ride up the back of Donna Buang on my hit-list for a while but hadn’t managed to fit in the time to do it so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was a lovely day and with the whole route being on trails and back roads there was no need to get up early so i got a bit of a lie in too.

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