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Since I have moved to Australia i have started using the starred segments in Strava to find climbs and recommended routes to ride but it is a real pain to see where these are located relative to each other. So I decided to knock up a page using the Strava API to do it (the weather was rubbish so i didn’t use up cycling time).

Click Here to give it a go let me know what you think or if you have any issues / ideas in the comments below.

Update 19/09/2018: Now includes segment category filters

This page does require you to be a user of Strava which is a social site where you can upload activities (primarily cycling, running) and see how your times compare to friends or how you are improving yourself. Anyone can add Segments which are sections of road, whether that be a climb, downhill or anything else really. Some segments are really short and pointless but the longer ones are a good way of finding roads to add to a route (which you can make on the site and add to a GPS). You can then star these segments so you can see them in a list to find them again, however Strava does not have a map so you can see these segments all in one place.

That is where this page comes in, i have been looking at a number of routes on The Climbing Cyclist and elsewhere but it is hard to see where the ones i am interested in are all at the same time relative to each other. So using the Strava API (way of accessing Strava data) I made this basic web page to load all of your starred segments and draw them on a map, if you don’t have Strava it looks like this:

Strava Starred Segment Explorer
Strava Starred Segment Explorer

The site just takes data from the Strava systems so i don’t have control any any inaccuracies in distance, elevation or gradient details.

I hope anyone who finds it thinks it is useful, it has fulfilled my requirement so the main aim is achieved.

If anyone finds this useful or has any thoughts / ideas of other features then please let me know in the comments.

Update 19/09/2018: I have now updated this Starred Segment Explorer to include a filter for the climb category of the segment. The workings have also been tweaked and as such segments are now sync’d with Strava and stored in a database which should be quicker than requested all data from the Strava API each time.

As before please let me know if you have any comments / feedback

Update 30/11/2018: Link to VeloViewer now included on each segment info box.

22 thoughts on “Strava Starred Segment Explorer”

    1. Hi,
      It looks like the authentication has failed somewhere as i can’t see any new segments synced yesterday. Could you try removing all your cookies associated with (this might help:, make sure not to remove ALL cookies from all sites. Once you have done this press Ctrl+F5 on the Starred Segment page – this will do a full refresh of the page. It should then prompt you to authenticate with Strava again, hopefully this time the site picks up the authentication and will sync your starred segments. Please let me know if you still have issues.

  1. I just got back to your site. I cleared all cookies from, reloaded the page, but this time, I can not even connect to Strava. The site gives me “Authorisation Error”. I checked access permission on Strava and it seems to be ok. I also tried to revoke access, then try logging in. The site asked me to allow access, I allowed it, but then I still get the “Authorisation error”. I must be missing something. Sorry to bother you with this…

  2. Richard
    Great idea and implementation. I have found this very useful. However, I cannot see all my starred segments and the Help page says to click on the “Next Page” link on the side-bar, which I cannot see. I would love to see all my segments (I have over 800, yes, don’t tell me ;>( ) because I am trying to cull them and your tool will allow me to see their spatial location and therefor allow me to do the cull effectively. Can you give me some guidance, please.

    1. Hi Steven, sorry for late reply, I thought I had replied but it must have got lost in the ether!
      [EDIT: Please see next reply]
      If you are using a smaller screen (tablet or phone) then there should be three lines in the top right of the page, if you click these a side bar should appear. PC screens should have this side bar all the time. Down the bottom of this should be a next page option.
      Please let me know if you still have issues, I haven’t tested with that many segments so there could be other performance issues that I am not aware of.

      1. Hi Steven,
        I have actually checked the code and it seems i have included a hard coded limit of 200 segments, this is to prevent overloading the Strava API and displaying too much data on the map at once.
        I will look at a future project to allow more segments and update here if/when that is possible.

        1. Hi Richard,

          I have encountered the same problem of maximum segments; do you have any idea what process selects which segments are included/excluded? If possible, it would be useful to know some way to rearrange the segments to have them displayed geographically.

          1. Hi,
            The list from Strava is just ordered by the date the segment was starred I think so this is probably the order in which the segments will come through.
            I did have a plan to add more filters to allow more segments but haven’t been working on this project for a while. I think I am going to have to re-write a lot of the logic but it is something I will try to do at some point.

  3. Thank you for your work, Richard!
    This is awesome! Strava should have implemented this years ago!
    Using your app and grateful you’re keeping it up to date with Strava updates.
    Would gladly support or collaborate, let me know

    1. Thanks! At the moment all is good with regards to support, any ideas or other implementations that would be useful please let me know.
      I have just added a distance filter option that was requested, I may tidy up the design/layout soon now this page is getting more hits.

  4. Just found this mapof segments – very cool, thanks!

    Any chance to add three buttons (or drop-down) to filter Ride / Run / Hike segments?

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      It does look like Strava do provide the Ride or Run categorisation, i will look at adding this as a filter option in the coming weeks.

  5. very very cool! works perfect!
    Wann make that Opensource on github to let other contribute and help?

    1. Thanks, at the moment I am not planning on adding to public GitHub but maybe if I tidy up the code it is something I can look into.

    1. Yes, it appears to have stopped working. I think Strava have made some unannounced changes to their API, I’ll look into it and reply when it is working again.
      Thanks for letting me know

  6. Hi,

    There seems to be a problem with authorisation. Don’t know if there’s been some changes to the API or if you are still maintaining it…but on the off chance you are…

    1. Hi Steve,

      What error are you seeing? I have tried this on my Android Chrome browser and Auth seems to work ok.

    1. It can take a while depending on how many starred segments you have, admittedly I have been a bit lazy in how it works so there is no progress bar. After clicking Sync and leaving the page for a while it should eventually confirm sync is complete and show a refresh button.

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