Playing with Garmin VIRB video editor

I went for a ride today from flat back to my parents place in Surrey via a few hills. I decided to test out my new action cam mounted on the handlebars and was also playing with the Garmin VIRB Edit video editing software where you can overlay the GPX track of the route onto the video. I haven’t been that adventurous with the overlays yet but the default one seems quite good and has all the main details.

Here is a video of Markedge Lane which is a fast fun descent on reasonable roads to escape under the M25.

The second video is much longer and goes up the now famous Box Hill zig zags, which is quite an easy steady climb, then round the back through Box Hill Village and finally down Pebble Hill, another fast descent on wide roads which i really enjoy in the dry.

The final climb was Combe Lane, it starts off very steady other than being quite narrow with some banks on the side of the road, the kicker is on a hairpin bend where it gets up to around 15% fortunately from there it isn’t far to the top.

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